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Family and individual counsellor with accredited mental health social worker status

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Why Seek Help?

We all experience times of stress and confusion.  Sometimes we can solve problems ourselves or with help from friends and family.  Other times asking for help just feels too difficult.  Some of the reasons why you may not want to reach out include:

              .     Feeling too embarrassed                                                                       

              .     Thinking that the problem will eventually go away

              .     Not wanting to burden others

              .     Feeling uncomfortable about seeking professional help

However, help seeking can have many benefits including:

            .    Helping you find strategies that you can apply to other areas of your life

            .    Experiencing relief through sharing your thoughts and feelings

            .    Building stronger relationships with family and friends

            .    Preventing problems from becoming worse or leading to more serious issues

As a family counsellor and clinical social worker with 18 years experience Lisa can provide effective counselling to individuals and families.  Lisa can help individuals and families explore and discover own insights and solutions.

Lisa can assist you with:  

             .     Individual, couple and family life challenges

             .     Navigating midlife
             .     Finding new meaning and purpose

             .     Positive ageing

             .     Adjusting to parenthood / empty nesting

             .     Emotional  problems of one or more family members

             .     Chronic illness and its impact on valued relationships
             .     Tackling shyness and social anxiety in a supportive and safe environment.